Smart Manufacturing Solutions with European Premiere

Review Innovation Days 2.0

Stäubli Robotics hosted a set of virtual Innovation Days 2.0 to broadcast our latest product releases, our smart production demo, Q&A sessions with our R&D, talk with our management and exciting news about our mobile robotic solutions. Attendees could log on to a number of online sessions in either English or German from March 3rd to 5th, 2021.

Among the highlights was the European premiere of our new TX2-140 and TX2-160 series. These high-performance 6-axis robots bridge the gap between the TX2-90 and the larger TX200. Their rigid structure and hygienic design make them ideal for a whole range of smart factory applications.

Further demonstrated were our complete solutions for the smart factory with a replica smart production line of an e-bike assembly. The intelligent networking of traditional SCARA and 6-axis robots, MRC workstations, mobile robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) bring to life just how flexible and cost—efficient cutting edge industry 4.0 production can be.

Be invited to join us on a tour through our smart production. Start your video journey!

We thank all participants for joining us during these 3 days and for your strong interest in our products, mobile solutions and Stäubli Robotics.


Your Stäubli Robotics team

Classic LIVE TV studio in our Robotics Showroom, Bayreuth, Germany
E-Bike final assembly with TX2-140 robot in our smart production line
ESD SCARA & six-axis high performance robot cells and automated guided vehicle by Stäubli WFT
Robotics Team in our TV studio in Faverges, France
Speakers at our TV studio in Bayreuth, Germany