The platform AGV for the largest loads and maximum flexibility

The WFTPF automated guided vehicle systems are the all-rounders in our AGV portfolio. With their patented drive technology and a variable payload of up to 500,000 kg, they are completely flexible and can fulfill other special requirements as well. Their intelligent software also lets the AGV be seamlessly integrated into Industry 4.0 environments and warehouse management systems.

  • Reliably move loads of up to 500,000 kg
  • Flexible dimensioning through modular construction
  • Batteries designed based on requirements
  • Quiet driving mode, even under high load
  • Coupling several vehicles makes it possible to transport bulky goods
  • Custom automation
  • Electric drive with integrated brake energy recovery (recuperation)
  • No separate steering drive, resulting in low energy consumption
  • Emissions-free, nearly silent locomotion
  • Minimum maintenance and operating costs
  • Omnidirectional maneuverability via patented drive unit
  • Extremely diverse, space-saving maneuverability options
  • Hardly any abrasion thanks to gentle rotational movements
  • Frictionless indoor and outdoor usage owing to high floor tolerance
  • Interfaces to customers’ production facilities
  • Seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments and warehouse management systems
  • Data supply for process optimization

Technical data

Payloads: 0 kg – 500 000 kg

Dimensions (W x L): 1,0 x 1,7 m – 3,5 m x 15 m (additional sizes available upon request)

Drive concept: Patented Stäubli WFT drive unit with electric drive

Number of axles driven: 1 to 16 (additional support wheels possible)

Energy supply: 48 V lithium-ion batteries with integrated charging device or external charging station

Method of operation: Manual and semi-automatic operation with radio remote control
Fully automatic with a control system
Coupling operation

Track guidance: Different options and combinations are possible, e.g., laser scanners, transponders, cameras and hybrid systems

Place of use: Indoors / outdoors like industrial floors, pavement, possible to drive over thresholds
Overall efficiency factor exceeds 80%

Available options

  • Carrier units
  • Lifting devices
  • Means of conveyance
  • Manipulators
  • Inductive charging
  • Remote maintenance

Our platform AGV in action

Industrial logistics application

High availability indoors and outdoors, successful WMS integration

Energy industry application

Implementation of especially heavy and large payloads of up to 450 tons

Automotive application

High availability and highest level of precision for indoor transport of components and boards.

Application in sensitive work environments

Movement in narrow corridors with minimum floor loading

Application in sensitive work environments

Fulfills the most stringent requirements pursuant to ISO 7 in the clean room

Aviation application

Developing new automated transport solutions

Heavy metal application

Especially low-wear solution for coil transport and successful WMS integration

Heavy metal application

Coupling several AGV to transport especially large loads

Heavy metal application

Warehouse application, including seamless integration into the SAP system

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