The counterbalanced forklift AGV for intelligent, safe transport

The WFTFL automated guided vehicle systems are extremely compact, counterbalanced forklifts that guarantee smooth and, above all, error-free material flows. With their patented drive technology and variable payload ranging up to 1,000 kg, different scanner types, and configurable forks, they can be used very flexibly to transport europallets, racks, or lattice boxes. Our WFTFLs can occupy important key roles in smart production with automated material supply in particular.

  • Payloads of up to 1,000 kg
  • Extremely robust construction and design
  • Precision of a few millimeters, even when moving in the tightest spaces
  • Forks can be configured in eight manners to suit different pallet types, from europallets to lattice boxes
  • Manual operation via radio remote control or automatic operation via a control panel
  • Can be combined with other Stäubli WFT AGV in an effective fleet management system
  • Flexible maneuverability via patented drive
  • Extremely diverse, space-saving maneuverability options
  • Hardly any abrasion thanks to gentle rotational movements
  • Frictionless indoor and outdoor usage owing to high floor tolerance
  • Maximum safety in automatic operation mode thanks to integrated laser scanners, touch-sensitive casing, and other safety features
  • Different types of scanners make them very safe for people
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and automated pallet detection guarantee high levels of process safety
  • Easy to configure
  • Interfaces to customers’ production facilities
  • Seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments and warehouse management systems
  • Data supply for process optimization

Our counterbalanced forklift AGV in action

Industrial logistics application

Accepting and handing over various pallets while avoiding obstacles at FEDEX/RUBEDOS.

Automotive application

High precision requirements for indoor transport at BMW.

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