You have the challenge, our AGV the solution.

Our automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) provide intelligent solutions for all situations where large loads need to be precisely and efficiently transported. Our AGV do more than solve challenges in intralogistics, we create new possibilities that let you restructure your processes and procedures more productively from the ground up. We call this flexible motion in the factory. Here you will learn about what distinguishes our automated guided vehicle systems.


Our patented, highly efficient, and especially resilient drive technology is the centerpiece of our AGV. This technology makes omnidirectional mobility possible and thus increases flexibility while optimizing energy efficiency.

Vehicles can be steered in all directions. Diagonal and sideways driving, as well as turning on the spot, are no problem for the vehicles. If needed, these functions can be coupled as well resulting in maximum maneuverability with minimum space requirements. You save time and money and can discover new possibilities for mobility for your intralogistics or industrial applications.

omnidirecational movement

The electric drive runs quiet and without emissions. Every vehicle is delivered with a custom-tailored battery capacity and recovers braking energy through recuperation, creating an especially high level of energy efficiency (> 80% level of efficiency). In addition, the engine has low wear and tear, meaning it requires little maintenance.

Users can steer the vehicles using a remote control and joystick, cable or radio connection as they please.

Our AGV can work with a precision of +/- 2mm. That makes a second acceptance system unnecessary in many applications, which reduces costs.

Indoors or outdoors? We can do both. With their robust drive units and good suspension concepts, our AGV can also drive on uneven surfaces. The exceptionally low abrasion and distributed floor loading make them ideal for numerous work environments, from clean rooms to the heavy metal industry.

Our vehicles are designed for a wide range of loads, from small ones to loads of up to 500 tons. In coupling mode, they can even manage many times that amount with up to five vehicles despite their low overall height.

After the first mapping, the AGV from Stäubli WFT will reliably find their way. Several vehicles can be controlled using intelligent fleet management. In addition, our AGV can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP and warehouse management systems and supply valuable data that you can use to optimize your processes.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

A system of powerful, autonomous, and mobile robots in a unique design that get their materials from a wide range of different work stations, put them together on their own, and then process them. HelMo was created in cooperation with our colleagues at Stäubli Robotics. Learn more about HelMo on Stäubli’s website.