Industry solutions

Flexible fields of application in every industry

The automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) from Stäubli WFT are used in nearly every industry. The possibility of reliably steering our vehicles in different directions, even in tight spaces, opens up numerous, vastly different fields of applications, especially in industrial logistics.

The variable capacity, which is up to 500 tons (and even more in coupling mode) creates a wide range of options in fields that include aviation, heavy metals, and mechanical engineering. Our vehicles offer the highest level of precision where you need it and in situations where the investment will pay off. For example, during press line supply in the automotive industry.

Since the wheels in our AGV do not turn on the spot, there is considerably less abrasion. That makes our vehicles better suited than other AGV (automated guided vehicles) for use in clean rooms, the food industry, and additional sensitive work environments.

Our automated guided vehicles are often used for routine activities and additional work. That frees up labor force that you can use for more useful purposes, which is to say, in processes that really create value. In industries such as aviation, we also act as an idea and solution provider, especially if there are no finished solutions for some tasks yet.

You can see some example industry solutions here. We would be happy to show you additional use cases and advise you on how you can optimally use our AGV on your premises.



Precision, high-quality technology, high availability


High payload, very large size, fleet management & remote control available

Heavy Metal & Machinery

Facultative warehousing, integration into fleet management, high payloads (e.g. during coil transport), wear-proof vehicles

Aviation & Railway

High level of flexibility

Industrial Intralogistics

Indoor and outdoor capability, variable sizes, high availability, high flexibility, scalability

Cleanroom Environment

Neat assembly, demanding environmental conditions, minimum floor loading

A passion for innovation

An international group serving all industrial sectors

Stäubli is a solution provider with three dedicated activities: Connectors, Robotics and Textile.