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The special purpose machine manufacturing tradition of the Wittich family exists since the beginning of the 20. century. In 1998 Franz Wittich founded the Wittich Fertigungstechnik. In 2001 there was a change in the company type leading to WFT GmbH & Co. KG. The delivery of the first system was in 2003. In 2008 WFT specialized itself on the development of customer-specific AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) with an unique and patented drive technology. First AGVs have been delivered for the aeronautics industry. In the following years different AGVs with a payload from 100 to 450 tons were delivered to different industry sectors. In 2015 Stäubli and WFT developed together the first mobile robot platform, HelMo (AGV with 6-axis-robot). Then the ultracompact counterweight forklift-AGV WFTFL090 was introduced to the markets in 2018. Since the aquisition of 70% by Stäubli, the company was renamed to STÄUBLI WFT GmbH.

Stäubli WFT offers an unique product portfolio based on modular AGV systems for all industry sectors and adresses customer-specific needs.

The company Stäubli WFT is the expert for flexible motion in the factory. The high quality, particular robustness, and especially the patented drive units in our automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) for omnidirectional maneuverability guarantee that our customers save time, money, and resources. That results in increased productivity, improved efficiency, and more safety – both today and in the future.

With our core competence in mechatronics and our pronounced innovative strength, we develop unique solutions for many problems in intralogistics and industrial applications. However, we are not simply problem solvers. We are also initiators. We develop completely new possibilities for many of our customers. With our solutions, we often also change processes and procedures from the bottom up with the goal of allowing our customers to be able to develop their full potential. Our aspiration in this process is to always provide the best and most economic solution possible.

When doing so, we work in an environment that is every bit as personal as it is dynamic: cooperation is an important prerequisite for us so we can create real win-win situations with our colleagues, our customers, and our partners. As well as solutions that will reliably last far into the future. That way, we always remain agile and adapt our products to the constantly changing demands of the market – for us, this is also an expression of flexible motion in the factory.

Stäubli: pioneering solutions in robotics, autonomous robots, and AGV

Together with our colleagues at the company Stäubli Robotics, we develop solutions that combine our expertise in automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) with Stäubli’s knowledge of robotics. That is how the Autonomous Mobile Robot came to exist, for example: it is a system of powerful, autonomous, and mobile robots in a unique design that get their materials from a wide range of different work stations, put them together, and then process them. Learn more about Autonomous Mobile Robot on Stäubli’s website.

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