Advantages and chances

Factory automAtion is turning into factory automOtion.

The manufacturing and processing industry is already facing numerous challenges today:

  • Labor costs continue to grow, and there is a considerable lack of specialists, both of which make increasing automation more and more important.
  • Products damaged as a result of manual handling cost companies approximately 2% of their overall gross turnover every year.
  • Around 2.3 million occupational accidents endanger employees every year and generate high downtime costs.
  • Traditional production methods restrict manufacturers’ processes. There is an increasing demand for more flexibility and agility, as well as product individualization and production process networking.
  • The demand for data-supported insights in order to be able to measure, plan, and predict performance is greater than ever before. Business intelligence is gaining in importance so that productivity can be maximized.

The market will continue to change over the course of Industry 4.0. Automatically controlled automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous robots (AMR) are the logical next level of efficient, intelligent production: factory automAtion is turning into factory automOtion.

With the automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) from Stäubli WFT, you will be optimally equipped for this future. We know the challenges, requirements, and expectations of the different industries and we have made it our goal to exceed them.

You can also rely on these standards when you use Stäubli WFT’s AGV:

  • Safe and robust with automatic charging
  • Easy-to-define routes, mapping, localization, and autonomous navigation
  • Task assignment (e.g., via ERP or WMS), performance management, KPIs, and intelligent data
  • Simple integration into ERP and warehouse management systems
  • Modularly extensible fleet management and intelligent traffic control

The AGV from Stäubli WFT offer you these very exclusive advantages:

  • Our innovative AGV solutions enable motion on all surfaces, saving you time, money, and space
  • Very high payloads are possible (up to 1,000 tons)
  • New concepts in intralogistics and industrial applications ensure quicker, more efficient processes and procedures
  • Maximum precision and maneuverability minimize investments in additional work steps or new production infrastructures
  • Lower costs and simple maintenance thanks to the modular product concept and easily accessible components
  • Considerably lower total cost of ownership than is the case with air cushion technology, for instance
  • Reliable and robust on all kinds of floors, both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be used in nearly all industries and work environments owing to lower overall height, robustness, and patented drive
  • Our intelligent software control and safety technology, including the corresponding safety concept, help you reduce occupational accidents.
  • Compliance with all required safety protocols; if necessary, Stäubli WFT performs the accident prevention inspection
  • Automated production processes guarantee your results
  • Our AGV can be coupled or modularly extended, and they are designed for a very wide range of loads; they can grow with their tasks, if necessary
  • Their high level of application flexibility and adjustable parameters let our AGV adapt to your requirements.
  • Our AGV provide valuable insights supported by data for your business intelligence

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